Ad Extirpanda, 2016
130 cm x 300 cm
Acrylic and enamel on panel

The mother-work of a vast creative project. The matrix of a story in full evolution, whose end is entrusted to human intelligence. A forged landscape in symbolic geometry. The pyramids, which take full advantage of the ancient significance of scale for the ascension to heaven, which is the seat of creation and resurrection. Symbol of progression thanks to its square shape that expresses perfection and corresponds to earth, stability and immutability. The summits of the pyramids, the divine, meet the sky, irradiating its mystical light. The sacral brightness is rendered accurately through wavy texture and sculpted shadow areas; the shades of ice and violet absorb the atmospheric glare, making the sky a set of dark, dark-colored strals. This is the will of the new hierarchies, that of the nature domination, now in rapid decline. The skeleton of a gothic cathedral imposes itself between the two dimensions as a gate to be taken over. The central pyramid, hypothetical headquarters of the occult forces, is solid and lonely, completely covered by geometric friezes, returning the symbols of the divine, the square, the rectangle, the triangle and the diamond, the perfect diamond. Appreciated since ancient times, diamond represents eternity through which high peaks can be reached in acquiring spiritual and physical abilities superior to the rest of human beings. 
Other elongated pyramids sag the foreground, acting like giant quills in an endless moat. The scene represented originates both in the myth of Spartan culture, according to which those who were considered unfit physically were abandoned to die in Tageto, and in the role of the Tarpea Rupe of the Capitol as a symbol of death for traitors and insects. On the right cliff, the condemned people take on expressions of fear, their mouths open in screams of terror, silhouettes with no limbs, distinct and expressive faces in their stylization.
In the ditch who has already been executed, they have already lost all physical characteristics, turning into sterile equal figures. The executioners, on the left cliff, observe the macabre show, hungry for power and dominion, persevering in ignorance and violence. Although the first hangman is provided with the third eye, he can not perceive invisible realities superior to what it is experiencing, he is deaf to an illuminated conscience, concentrating his energies in deplorable acts. The second hangman is certainly a high charge of the ruling system, it has a crown, as it indicates honor, perfection, greatness, and immortality.

“Ad Extirpanda”, “Visionaries and the Art of Performance” Exhibition.
The Festival of the Two Worlds, Spoleto, Italy, 2019


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