Deposition, 2016
100 cm x 70 cm
Acrylic and enamel on panel

An endless wait that leads to deterioration. A state of solitary death.
The last breath has been happening days ago, the skin is corroded, the body abandoned to a bankruptcy destiny. We do not know sex, age, origin, name of this creature but it is perceptible its surrender; the chest is still contracted, the semi-mutant form lying alongside a cross on a cold, trampled, dirty stone. The left leg replaced by a perhaps metallic prosthesis capable of overcoming malformation, indicates humble social belonging.
A forgotten crucifixion.
The color of the incarnate has absorbed the gray shades of the surrounding environment, it is deteriorated left under the common gaze and denigrated. Its eyes are summed up in a green mask without expression, its mouth half-closed determines the abandonment of life.
Through this sacred scene, it wants to condemn the unjust death of innocence by the hand of corruption, vanity, and rooted ignorance. A choked cry of freedom turned off by the blindness of impassive and mocking judges.


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