Observatory F, 2018
42 cm x 30 cm
Acrylic and enamel on panel

The ability to understand what we see transforming a simple observation into a research, should be the main goal of the human being. The work discussed here focuses its symbolic load on the concept of curiosity and knowledge. Observatory F is the observatory on the future and from the future, a possibility of redemption for our population, now too blind and corrupt. This possibility is revealed at the center of the scene with the appearance of an alien being, capable of perceiving invisible realities, going beyond the limits of the visible and of the conventional. 

The spatial architecture in the intermediate level of the scene, pays tribute and bringing back to life Late Ancient and Gothic forms. The building, simple and ornate, is enveloped in the blue of the universe, vast and full of mysteries to be unveiled. The choice to donate to this otherworldly essay alien or mutant features, draws its roots in the common imaginary about the future and space, making what seems different from us really different. The monocle, or rather, the third eye of the sage characterizes it and makes it the focus of the image. 

Thus, like a futuristic Jesus in the Temple, the wise alien becomes the bearer of new and important discoveries on the universe life. These illuminations are unknown to the terrestrial people, brought on stage through the representatives of the civilization itself, custodians and chosen to be the first connoisseurs of an important message. Man and woman, comparable to two symbolic Adam and Eve of the future, take on the form of ‘living’ statues, close to liberation from human limits. The stone that constitutes their body will give life to leaving flesh and soul, free from any constriction and abjuration. Evolution is possible. The wise man carries with him an important symbolic baggage. His uniform is simple, the only ornament is the equilateral triangle, representing the Earth and divine perfection; the planet that accompanies it in its revelation is Jupiter, the pivot of our Solar System equilibrium, a symbol of evolution and knowledge. In this way we hope for a stable equilibrium system in the thoughts and concepts meeting.


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