Sacrifice Square, 2016
100 cm x 150 cm
Acrylic and enamel on panel

“A new life awaits you in the Off-world colonies.
The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure.”
Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner

Within a newly created city, the ancestral forms of great civilizations are outlined.
Colors describe the atmosphere, gray shades characterize the urban shapes, purple inflames fear for what will happen.
An incursion into a round, in that part of Hell that rises beyond the Styx.
The pyramid is dominant in the background as the symbol of the final stage of a long journey over the centuries, two columns from the typical grooves define what could be a city of Dite emerged from the ashes of the World.
The dramatic epilogue of a tragedy, that “song of the goat”, which provokes terror and pity for those who attend, a monumental circus of sacrifice.

The still intent of a civilized civilization, and only humanized, to evolve, to revolutionize without continuing to fall to vice and sin.
A human fallen expression with dull tones, a tether quiet after the storm.

The drama is announced by the central character, a mirror for the observer, a reflection of the now corrupt future that leads only to self-destruction in an “golden land” (as Philip K. Dick said) of rubble and false hopes.
The appearance of this figure could be called anthropomorphic, almost extraterrestrial, completely absorbed by the landscape, a simple urban furnishing that introduces the central square, theater of the main scene, the sacrifice.
The columns elevate fetishes of martyrdom just happened. On the right column the symbol of an esoteric primitive initiation, which takes its origin from the representation of god Mitra, depicted in the act of killing a sacred bull. A symbol of mitraism as worship pagan as opposed to Christian testament beliefs. On the left column, in fact, there is a small pseudo-human silhouette, a new Isaac who was sacrificed for the want of an ultraterren.

The choice, therefore, is reduced to the annulment of the human will, now devoid of soul, form and will.

“Sacrifice Square”, “” Exhibition.
Perugia, Italy, 2017


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